Volunteers in Conflicts and Emergencies

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Step inside this interactive walk-through exhibit to explore the lives of volunteers in conflicts and emergencies and find out how to support them.

Discover the personal stories of the people who sacrifice their own safety to help those caught up in the world’s most dangerous places and situations.

Step inside this large, walk-through exhibit and experience the daily lives of volunteers in conflicts and emergencies. Discover who the volunteers are, the vital jobs they do, how they cope with the traumas they witness and how they can be supported and protected.

Multiple rooms contain real clothing and equipment from challenges such as the Ebola crisis, as well as personal items including diaries and keepsakes.

The exhibition shares research by Northumbria University’s Centre for International Development and the Swedish Red Cross.

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Venue: Northumbria University Campus

Northumbria University Campus

Accessibility Information

  • Ramped access at the front.
  • Lift access throughout.
  • Accessible toilet on each floor.
  • Hearing assistance available at certain locations.

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