Sagacity: Periodic Table of Emotions

Sagacity: Periodic Table of Emotions banner image

Watch the ever-changing mood of the North on a ‘periodic table’ that colour-codes emotions and uses Twitter to measure feelings.

How are you feeling? Make your mood known on this interactive installation designed to reflect the emotional state of the North.

Tweet your feelings or your response to an event during The Exhibition using the hashtag #thegreatnorthisfeeling

Then watch how you light up the display as it takes a measure of the ever-changing emotions of The Exhibition’s audience.

Artist Aidan Moesby created the Periodic Table of Emotions to categorise, colour-code and give emotional weight to these feelings.

See how the elements on the table glow brighter according to how the North is feeling and watch the emotional outlook shift throughout the day.

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Venue: intu Eldon Square

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