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A stunning artwork inspired by a series of wooden patterns used by the world’s first commercial steam locomotive factory and found recently in and around historic buildings undergoing regeneration.

See how Newcastle’s role in the history of the railways continues to shape the city today with this unique artwork at the site of the world’s first commercial steam locomotive factory.

The original wooden patterns used to build the Rocket and other early locomotives were discovered recently in historic buildings that are being redeveloped as part of Newcastle’s new Stephenson Quarter.

After rescuing, preserving and documenting the patterns, the developers of the site, Clouston Group, commissioned the creation of a bespoke pattern of interlocking abstracted forms in rich and vibrant colours.

This pattern has now been hand-painted on hoardings surrounding the construction site that will soon be the location of creative studios, educational facilities and public space for Newcastle in the 2020s and beyond.

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Venue: Stephenson Quarter (exterior)

Stephenson Quarter (exterior)

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