Emerging Tech in Smart Cities: Urban Resilience – workshop and networking event

Emerging Tech in Smart Cities: Urban Resilience – workshop and networking event banner image

How will emerging technologies enable us to survive and thrive in the face of growing challenges?

As urban populations rise globally, and citizens continue to face a range of socio-economic challenges, how can emerging technologies be used to make our cities more resilient?


The workshop will be held in the morning and will focus on two key socio-economic challenges faced by citizens, namely:

  • The need to do more with less. In an age of austerity & funding cuts, with a number of local authorities struggling, can technology help to deliver more efficient and better targeted services?
  • Connecting the marginalised and improving the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens. We’ll explore how technology can help us to better identify, safeguard and deliver improved services to hard-to-reach communities.

Capitalising on the momentum built from the workshop, there will be an informal networking event following our speakers. This will be an ideal opportunity to explore key challenges, and shape new solutions over a light lunch.

All events in the Emerging Tech series are free to attend. This event will be held at The Core, Newcastle Helix, a new urban quarter in the centre of Newcastle that seeks to provide a blueprint for sustainable urban development.

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Venue: The Core, Newcastle Helix

The Core, Newcastle Helix

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  • Lift access throughout.
  • Accessible toilet on each floor.