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The fourth event in the Emerging Tech series of the GX programme focuses on the future of Healthcare with an in-depth focus on how technological innovations are helping us live well and age well. With an ageing workforce,

With an ageing workforce, the challenge remains to keep up productivity and preserve the valuable skills acquired by older professionals over a lifetime. With an outstanding line up of speakers, businesses can expect to be inspired by stories of innovation from across industry.

What we’re exploring

From personalised products to connected devices, in a workshop delivered by Urban Foresight we will outline challenges and opportunities that come with increased tech adoption and the use of tech-based solutions to help us live better, longer.

Why you should come:

This event will give you the opportunity to:

    • Explore cutting-edge research and the latest adaptive solutions to enhance our quality of life into old age.
    • Hear about how technology can predict and prevent challenges that come with ageing.
    • Investigate how emerging technology is helping seniors be more self-sufficient and able to actively participate in their own healthcare.
    • Gain insight into user-centric design and how we might ensure our workforce is well-equipped in the era of digital revolution


    • Be the first to hear about avaliable funding and support as part of the GX project.

    Including speakers from:

    National Innovation Centre for Ageing


    Innovation Super Network

    Hedgehog Labs

    Home Group




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Venue: Northern Design Centre

Northern Design Centre

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  • Northern Design Centre is fully DDA accessible.