Deepframe – World’s Largest Mixed Reality Display

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Deepframe is a series of incredible immersive experiences blending the virtual world with the real environment at key locations around the city. For the first time at Sage Gateshead, experiment with the Deepframe VJ experience!

Prepare to be amazed by this series of astounding immersive experiences bringing the real and the virtual world together.

The world’s first Deepframe VJ experience is ready for your to embrace your inner DJ at Sage Gateshead. Tees Valley immersive studio Animmersion have created a unique and innovative, audio-visual instrument for you to play.

Experiment with the illuminated button pad and take control of the sights and sounds in front of you. Simply touch the illuminated buttons to trigger, combine, uncover and blend music and visuals to create your own unique mix. Listen out for vocal samples from Lemn SIssay MBE’s Anthem of the North.

Take a look at the video below of a different Animmersion Deepframe experience which took place at intu Eldon Square earlier this summer.

This project is funded by Tees Valley Combined Authority.

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