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The Prince’s Trust provides a range of programmes for young people aged 11 – 30 who find themselves in difficult situations. The Unlock your Potential project uses exciting STEAM themes such as Radio, Film, Robots and Apps to support young people into positive life choices including employment, education or training.

The Prince’s Trust Unlock Your Potential project will deliver four Radio themed programmes in Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool alongside our delivery partner Bauer and local heritage partner The Discovery Museum. The project is available for young people aged 16 – 24 who are inactive and will support their personal and social skills development as well as encouraging positive next steps in their lives.

The project will open up the world of Radio, including Podcast designing. By exploring the heritage of communication, young people will have the opportunity to consider their local heritage and how it has impacted on their lives. Young people will also look at how communication has changed over time in relation to innovations and how it continues to evolve now and in the future. Young people will be encourage to think about their own role in this future and how they can contribute as potential innovators, employers and employees. Our heritage partners will support us to celebrate our heritage whilst our delivery partner Bauer will support us to celebrate digital innovations now and in the future and ever changing forms of communication that support our everyday lives.

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Unlock your Potential with The Prince’s Trust – Leeds

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