Battle of Britain Lace Panel: Then and Now

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In this RAF centenary year Carol Quarini has created a contemporary textile response to Gawthorpe Textiles Collection’s original Battle of Britain machine-lace panel.

Made in 1946 the original panel commemorates the famous air battle that was a pivotal moment in World War II. Carol Quarini’s contemporary response remembers the people involved in the Battle and the original panel. Her exhibition includes an installation of 1,497 stylized parachute shapes, one for each airman who died in the Battle, produced as part of a collaborative project with Bentley Priory, the headquarters of Fighter Command during the war.

The Battle of Britain lace panel has a strong emotional link with the Shuttleworth family and Gawthorpe Hall. Flying Officer Richard, the 2nd Lord Shuttleworth, was killed in action during the Battle of Britain. He was the nephew of Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth, who founded the textile collection at Gawthorpe.

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Venue: Gawthorpe Hall

Battle of Britain Lace Panel: Then and Now