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Watch the live story of Newcastle unfold with an installation that turns city smart data into a constantly changing poem.

What stories can be uncovered from a city using the data generated by its visitors, residents and workers?

every thing every time takes information from our interactions to tell a new story about the people and places of Newcastle.

Watch how the real-time data measuring fluctuations including weather, traffic and travel is used to generate a poem that’s written in real time and displayed on a large scale.

Can we see the urban landscape differently through the technologies that quantify it – the work by artist Naho Matsuda questions the role of data in our lives as well as its use and value.

Outside the Theatre Royal

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Venue: Theatre Royal Newcastle

Theatre Royal Newcastle

Accessibility Information

  • 4 Blue Badge parking spaces available.
  • 9 wheelchair spaces within the theatre.
  • Lift access to all levels of the theatre.
  • Accessible toilet on each level.
  • Assistance dogs welcome.

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