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Damian Cook 
Damian is an independent business turnaround expert who applies specialist knowledge in new product development to accelerate a company’s performance. He’s spent twenty-five years getting growth and innovation off the ground in companies from single entrepreneurs to large multi-nationals. Under his leadership, groups working for him have applied for over one hundred patents. He has taken groups through industry-recognised assessment programmes such as ‘Great Place to Work’ and ‘MX Awards’, the latter earning for his company a national winners award in the product and process innovation category. Damian has a Mechanical Engineering degree and has managed electronic, software engineers. He also has an MBA from Durham University Business School.









Laura Cook
Laura Cook is a CIMA-qualified management accountant who supports a diverse range of business owners. By strategically linking the business owners objectives to their wider team, managing business performance and instilling a blameless problem solving culture. Clients are enabled to grow efficiently and be resilient in difficult times through faster more effective strategic decisions. Earlier in her career, Laura spent 12-yrs in manufacturing and innovative businesses. As a partner to the senior leadership, she brought clarity to strengthen strategic decision-making, creating long-term financial sustainability across global divisions of PPG and Draeger. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lacumming