The Ingenious Energy Challenge

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Siemens is offering visitors the chance to find creative ways to generate energy by taking part in the ‘Ingenious Energy Challenge’.

How does it work?

Visitors will have 7 seconds to generate energy in fun and innovative ways using Pavegen smart flooring. By walking, dancing, jogging or rolling across the flooring, as well as generating electricity we will automatically capture a small video (gif) of your 7 second burst of artistic movement and send it to you. If it’s judged to be amazingly ingenious, we will award you a prize*. So take part and let your imagination go wild!

The Ingenious Energy Challenge is presented by Siemens – proud partner of the Great Exhibition of the North.

* Each day we will be awarding a £50 intu gift voucher to whoever we think has generated energy in the most ingenious (clever/original way). The winner will be contacted via social media. Only people who share their GIF on social media and use the hashtag #GetNorthPix will be eligible. At the end of the Challenge (after August 5th), we will then choose an overall winner and they will win a gaming PC worth £600.

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Venue: intu Eldon Square

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  • 4 lifts located around the centre offering access to all floors.
  • Multiple disabled toilets accessible to all.
  • Information on induction loop can be found at the information desk.
  • Disabled parking spaces available.
  • Free wheelchair hire.

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