Take a FREE ride on the LNER Abseil Line

Take a FREE ride on the LNER Abseil Line banner image

Enjoy the thrill of abseiling from a giant crane on Newcastle Quayside. Learn about LNER, the new East Coast railway operator

Join LNER, the new operator of the East Coast Mainline railway, and experience the thrilling Abseil line located on the Newcastle Quayside.

FREE to the public, the abseil line will be open for four weekends (Friday – Sunday) from Friday 17th August until Sunday 9th September.

Simply visit our Booking Terminus, located beside the abseil crane on the Newcastle Quayside, a short walk beyond Pitcher and Piano, to book your place on the day.

You can also find out more about LNER at the Booking Terminus, hear about the new Azuma trains arriving in 2019, experience the railway in virtual reality and pick up some 30% discount vouchers for future travel.

No under 11s.

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