Mark Fell Protomusic #1

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The public spaces within Sage Gateshead will be transformed with a new sound installation using real world noises of the North. In Protomusic #1 Rotherham-based artist Mark Fell uses music techniques and technologies to present sounds from the North, transformed into instrumental representations that weave through the building.

Take a walk through the Sage Gateshead and hear how this captivating sound installation weaves throughout the building, transforming the public spaces.

Created by Rotherham artist Mark Fell, Protomusic #1 fills the impressive interior with sonic structures based on real world sounds from the North.

The work draws on Mark’s passion for exploring relationships between popular music styles and algorithmic and mathematical systems. In this installation he asks how the sonic, rather than the visual, is at the heart of who we are.

The instrumental piece you’ll hear uses music techniques and technologies to reimagine found sounds from across the North.

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