A Light Bulb Moment

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The illuminating story of the light bulb is brought to life and up-to-date utilising the power of graphene.

Trace the evolving Northern story of the light bulb from its invention to the innovative use of graphene in next-generation lighting.

Follow in the footsteps of Sunderland’s Sir Joseph Swan into the historic building where he first demonstrated his incandescent light bulb in 1880 to find out more about the man behind the invention.

Then see what the North has planned next for the bulb with a demonstration of new graphene lighting.

Find out how entrepreneurs in Manchester are harnessing the Nobel Prize-winning properties of this ‘miracle material’ to create a bulb that stays brighter for longer.

Graphene is a material which will change our lives; improving existing products and even opening up the possibility of novel applications. Stronger than steel, more conductive than copper and unique impermeability are just a few of its properties.

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Venue: The Lit & Phil

Accessibility Information

  • Main entrance is steps with available wheelchair lift to the side.
  • Inside to enter the library is steps with available stair lift.
  • No disabled toilets, however assistance bars have been fitted in some toilets.
  • No loop system available.
  • Some large print books and magnifying glasses available.
  • Assistance dogs welcome.

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