intu’s Little Black Graphene Dress

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Check out the world’s most high-tech little black dress and see what the future has in store for your wardrobe.

Witness a fashion and science breakthrough – the world’s smartest and toughest little black dress.

Made from a ‘miracle material’ discovered by scientists in Manchester, this unique dress changes colour and design in response to the wearer’s breathing, using tiny LED lights.

At just one atom thick, graphene is a million times thinner than human hair, is stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than anything else known to humankind.

See how its amazing properties have been embraced by the fashion world for the first time in a high-tech garment that could become the future of the high street.

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Venue: intu Eldon Square

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  • 4 lifts located around the centre offering access to all floors.
  • Multiple disabled toilets accessible to all.
  • Information on induction loop can be found at the information desk.
  • Disabled parking spaces available.
  • Free wheelchair hire.

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