Great North Children’s Hospital – Pop-up Hospital

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Get behind the scenes of one of the largest children’s hospitals in the UK with a series of interactive and virtual experiences exploring the human body and cutting-edge medicines.

Check-in to our friendly pop-up hospital and discover how a stay on the ward need not be frightening and can even be fun for little ones!

Lie on the beds and watch films of children explaining what a hospital stay here is really like. Try on uniforms, have a go walking with crutches and experience what it’s like to be in a wheelchair.

Check out equipment from the archives and see how children’s medicine has moved on to high-tech treatments. Get inside the body with a virtual reality experience and take part in interactive sessions and learn about children’s healthcare.

Find out how the Great North Children’s Hospital is so different to a traditional hospitals and why children and their families feel at home there.

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Venue: Herschel Building, Newcastle University