GemArts Masala Festival: Launch

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Come along, and experience renowned visual artist Ranbir Kaur, as she uses a mix and blend of Masala spices to create a stunning GIANT rangoli, a traditional Indian art form created on the floor on festive occasions. You can even make your own personal rangoli to take away!


Celebrate with GemArts the launch of their incredible Masala Festival!

Odissi Ensamble present Sacred Shapes:  in the search to understand ourselves and our place within the unimaginable vastness of the universe, a quartet of Odissi dancers blend movement, soundscape, design and pattern to weave shapes and beat out rhythm that will tell its own story of creation, of journeying to find meaning and purpose.

Co – Commissioned by Gem Arts and Gateshead Council.

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Venue: Gateshead Quays

Venue: Performance Square

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  • Performance Square has wheelchair friendly access from the west.
  • Parking at Sage Gateshead for Blue Badge holders.
  • Accessible toilet facilities within Sage Gateshead.