Future Buildings with NBS

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Create your own building of the future and try out technologies that are breaking the boundaries of what’s possible in construction.

Step inside one of the North’s coolest offices to find out how emerging technologies are changing the way we build.

Industry experts NBS invite you to take a peak behind the doors of Newcastle’s Old Post Office to see for yourself its jaw-dropping transformation into an award-winning workspace.

Explore the old and the new Old Post Office, see some of the best North East buildings come to life and explore the latest technologies that are transforming the construction world as well as a chance to design your own home of the future.

Using their office as a real life example, NBS will reveal some of the very latest tools of the trade.

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Accessibility Information

  • The gallery space is fully accessible for wheelchair users with a ramps at each entrance and a lift to each floor.
  • Accessible toilet on gallery floor and the 3rd floor.