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The first event in our Emerging Tech series focuses on the future of transport. From road to rail and from bus to bike, transport is undergoing a wave of game-changing technological innovation.

Through mapping software, smart navigation systems for safer and smoother journey planning, to Electric Vehicles and the rise of Autonomous transport that will help pave the way for a smarter future.

What we’re exploring:

Join us as we outline the challenges facing the transport sector today: increasingly gridlocked roads, unsustainable emissions and complex global travel networks.
Together we’ll explore how emerging technology can meet the challenges of today and unlock the potential of transport to provide a safer, greener and more efficient world tomorrow.

Why you should come:

Now more than ever, technology moves quickly. New transport applications are emerging on a weekly basis – but access to this knowledge, and the opportunities it creates, is not always readily available.

This event will give you the opportunity to:

  • Hear about real applications that affecting the future of transport from industry leading practitioners
  • Understand how developments in smart ticketing, 5G technology and improvements in passenger experience are revolutionising transport delivery.

Get inspired by these new innovations and how they not only challenge but can also create value for your business.

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Venue: Northern Design Centre

Northern Design Centre

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