Emerging Tech in Smart Cities

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With increasingly limited resources available in cities globally, how can citizens become smarter to adapt to this new climate? Can bottom-up initiatives empower communities and enhance civic participation in the delivery of decentralised services and infrastructure?

What we’re exploring

We’ll look into the interface between technology and activism, highlighting how technology is being used to finance community enterprises and to engage citizens in the management of city operations.

Why you should come

The second Smart Cities event in the Emerging Tech series will focus on how technology can help citizens to design and deliver better services.

This event will give you the opportunity to:

  • Find out how cities are equipping their citizens to be Smart Citizens.
  • Find out what funding is available to SMEs looking to innovate through the GX Project Grant Scheme and speak to members of the GX Project

This event will create a space for conversations and collaboration to begin –  a great way to kick-start a step-change in your organisation, and in the sector.

The event will take place in The Core, Newcastle Helix, a new urban quarter in the centre of Newcastle that seeks to provide a blueprint for sustainable urban development.

The GX Project

The GX Project, led by NewcastleGateshead Initiative, provides a range of opportunities to North-East SMEs and scaleups before, during and after the Great Exhibition of the North. With a focus on innovation the project is designed to enable local businesses to benefit from the unique platform provided by the Exhibition during the summer, and allows the region to continue to capitalise on it through a programme of intensive business support running until September 2019. At this event you can learn more about how the GX Project might support your business, ideas, and future collaborations.

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Venue: The Core, Newcastle Helix

The Core, Newcastle Helix

Accessibility Information

  • Lift access throughout.
  • Accessible toilet on each floor.