Emerging Tech in Healthcare: Healthy Ageing

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Today, we stay economically active for longer than the generations before us. With an ageing workforce, the challenge remains to keep up productivity and preserve the valuable skills acquired by older professionals over a lifetime. Better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transform the quality and reduce the cost of health and care services.

What we’re exploring

In collaboration with NHS Innovation we’ll discover how SMEs can identify and act on the challenges and opportunities that come with increased tech adoption and the use of tech-based solutions to live well, feel well, and age well.

Why you should come

New technology applications in wearables, better use of data and other emerging technologies have the the power to improve health, transform the quality and reduce the cost of health and care services.

This event will give you the opportunity to:

  • Hear about some of the latest thinking on digitalisation & new technologies in the NHS from our keynote speaker from NHS Innovation.
  • Find out what funding is available to SMEs working in this space through the GX Project Grant Scheme and speak to members of the GX Project

This event will create a space for conversations and collaborations to begin –  a great way to kick-start a step-change in your organisation, and in the sector.

This event will take place at PROTO, the first centre in Europe built specifically to support emerging technologies such as VR and augmented reality (AR), as well as being a space for tech startups and an R&D facility.

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The GX Project

The GX Project, led by NewcastleGateshead Initiative, provides a range of opportunities to North-East SMEs and scaleups before, during and after the Great Exhibition of the North. With a focus on innovation the project is designed to enable local businesses to benefit from the unique platform provided by the Exhibition during the summer, and allows the region to continue to capitalise on it through a programme of intensive business support running until September 2019. At this event you can learn more about how the GX Project might support your business, ideas, and future collaborations.

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