Emerging Tech in Aerospace Ecosystems

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Despite being effectively hidden to most people; satellites, drones, space technology, and the data they provide are part of our everyday lives. Reduced launch costs, miniaturisation of technology, and standardisation are driving increased opportunities in small satellites and drones to solve everyday real-world challenges.


The workshop will be held in the morning and with a view to highlighting the innovative ways this data is being used to plan, monitor and protect buildings and infrastructure. This will bring together experts from the worlds of civil engineering, satellite applications and aerospace.


Capitalising on the momentum built from the workshop, there will be a networking event directly after the morning workshop to further explore the challenges highlighted in the workshop and to build capacity to collaborate on potential solutions.

What we’re exploring:

In a workshop delivered by Urban Foresight, find out from our innovative showcases and panel of experts exploring issues related to:
1. Safety and security
2. Disaster management
3. How remote monitoring can improve the maintenance and operation of critical infrastructure assets.

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Venue: Durham University

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