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We have a range of free workshops taking place throughout 1up North, from a Minecraft play experience with Wonder Quest’s Wizard Keen to a wire framing and development session with a UX developer and kids coding clubs.

1Up North is going to be brilliant! If you would like to attend any of the event, you will need to have booked a free ticket in advance – there are tickets available for the free play area, wandering around the exhibitors’ stands, attending a workshop or taking part in the Get North World Cup Challenge.

Minecraft Maps Workshop
8 July – 10.00-11.30 / 12.30-2.00 / 2.30-4.00

Adam Clarke, Wizard Keen from Wonder Quest will be onsite to lead a play experience over the first three sessions of the day – please register for the Minecraft Maps Workshop tickets in order to take part – limited availability.

Hack Minecraft with Raspberry Pi
9 & 10 July, 12.30-1.30 & 2.30-3.30

These workshops from Gateshead Library will guide you through navigating and controlling the Minecraft World directly through coding using Python. Suitable for age 9+

Street Orchestra Live

SOL is a 40 player orchestra with members aged between 18-30. As part of their North East Summer tour, the group will be playing video game music over the first weekend of the expo.


Game Crash Code Smash
12 July, 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00

Have a taste of game development and meet the team involved with extended reality at Accenture.You will be given a project and it will be your role to improve it.

You will be learning code, creating graphics and working with the Unity games engine.


UX and Wireframing workshop with Kirk Tierney
14 July 12.30-2.00 – age 7-11 & 2.30-4.00 – age 12-14

The UX and wireframing workshop will introduce children to the world of app development from the perspective of a professional UX designer.  The workshop will start by outlining the key roles within a digital agency, giving a top level overview of what these roles entail and what their contributions are when building mobile applications.  This section will end with a more detailed description of what a part a UX designer plays in this process.

For the second part of this workshop, the children will be introduced to wireframing, which is a key aspect to app development.  Once the children have a top-level understanding of what wireframing is, they will be set a task to create a wireframe prototype themselves. These tasks will be separated into 2 levels, one for primary school children aged 7 upwards and the other for secondary school children up to year 9.

For the final part of the session, the children will be shown how the wireframes that they have created will be turned into prototypes and be introduced to the concept of user testing and the tools used to conduct the tests.

It is hoped that upon completing the workshop the children will have gained a knowledge of the roles and process of developing apps and how without the use of technology, the children can go away and design apps themselves with some paper and pens through the creation of wireframes.

The workshops will take place in the main games area of the exhibition and therefore is a public space; we request that parents stay onsite with their children and retain overall responsibility of their children throughout the event and to ensure children play games appropriate to their age.

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Venue: Northumbria University Campus

Northumbria University Campus

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Venue: 1up North @ Northumbria University

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