N18 Artist Development Programme

The N18 initiative is funded through Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence scheme and supported by the digital expertise of the BBC.

In response to the Great Exhibition of the North, we invited 19 (two artists are working as a collaboration) aspiring and emerging artists from across the North to join us for a ten-week programme to learn new skills, collaborate and creatively respond using digital technology.

They have been encouraged to use new digital tools and technologies to help develop their practice and increase their audience reach, in response to The Story of the North.

Becci Sharrock

I am a writer, theatre maker and creative producer.

As part of N18 I am really excited to explore ways that I can develop my digital skills and how that might feed into my wider practice.

Katy Ann Stamp

My illustrations are linear and experimental. They explore physicalities and spaces, primarily.

I am excited to connect to so many different creative people!

Meena Daneshyar

(working collaboratively with Danny Walker)

I am an aerialist based in Newcastle with a background in digital art looking at social media and gender inequality.

As part of N18, I hope to fuse my digital knowledge with my aerial skills and provide a solid focus for myself as an artist for future projects.

Danny Walker

(working collaboratively with Meena Daneshyar)

I work in a variety of digital mediums, including software and hardware, and enjoy exploring the boundaries of what I can technically accomplish.

I hope to provide a more solid artistic context for my work, because I do not come from an arts background.


Laurelle Kamara

I specialise in fashion and documentary style photography and print based fashion design.

I’m thrilled to be able to represent and be part of the artistic talent in the North. I hope to develop new skills throughout the residency and combine futuristic technologies with my psychical practice and final outcome.

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Ruth Mary Johnson

I am a theatre maker who directs, performs and writes in a range of contexts with a particular interest in family audiences and a desire to explore ways to encourage audience ownership in story telling.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Craig Scott

I am a composer, performer, improviser and sound artists working in both linear and studio contexts. Focus on Uncanny Valley and Human and machine error and malfunction.

I am excited to be part of N18 as it will enable me to explore new contexts to present work in, incorporate digital technologies (microprocessors) into analogue designs, and get fresh perspectives on my current work / impetus for future work.

Peter Woods

Hexham TV is a hyper local video news blog. On Facebook and Twitter, I explore the use of augmented reality in the community and civic space.

N18 is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other artists, and work creatively using digital technology to inform, educate and push back the boundaries of art in an augmented world.

Facebook, Twitter

Roisin Kerslake-Sim

I am a visual artist interested in identity. I look at how the self and the spectator have a constant interchange, and feed into each other to define an identity. My work manifests itself as performance art films.

The N18 programme is an unbelievable opportunity to meet and collaborate with talented local artists from all background. The project has allowed me the time to focus on developing digital skills I could only dream about.


Amy Foster

My practice looks at how we physically interact with tangible digital mediums in installation environments. The work usually occupies varied architectural locations and disrupts the ‘flow’ of experiencing images in space.

I am excited to be connecting and collaborating with a diverse range of artists, creating new work in response to the Great Exhibition of the North.


Glen Cutwerk

My work focuses on illustration and graphic design, and the creation and performance of electronic music.

The N18 programme is an amazing opportunity to work alongside other artists, both emerging and established. I hope to learn new techniques and make lasting friendships.

Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Twitter

Martin O’Leary

I’m a digital artist, making work which explores the divide between the physical environment  and the more abstract digital world.

I’m excited to get the opportunity to work with other artists with diverse skills, and to make some more psychical artwork.

Ali Elly

I am working as a multifaceted artist / designer, exhibiting painting and illustration with a focus on oceanographic conservation.

I am excited to be part of the N18 programme, drawing inspiration from the GEOTN while engaging with artists from other practices, with space to develop digital ideas.

Instagram, Ello, Twitter – @AliEllyDesin

Dean Moulding

As an artist I enjoy exploring ideas and learning new ways to develop my musicality.

I’m excited to learn from other artists and to have a unique experience to be creative in.

Manoli Moriaty

My expressive medium is sound, in both abstract and musical forms, often combined with diverse artistic disciplines through collaborations.

N18 provides a unique opportunity to learn about the creative processes of acclaimed artists, and become acquainted with the thriving arts community of the North East.

Rebecca Levick

I am a writer and poet, focusing on urban landscapes in a Northern setting. Past projects that I have been involved with have included writing for print, stage, film and live performance.

I am excited to be on the N18 programme because of the dedicated time and space to learn about technology and how this can be integrated with poetry,and the opportunity to share and collaborate with other artists.

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Andra Miloiu

My work deals with creating immutable, tactile, evocative work out of ephemeral moments.

The N18 programme has been incredible at putting together an inspiring group of people/artists. From the first weekend, I felt that for the first time my whole self belonged, it is exciting to find people who combine art and digital and I hope to find that path as well.

Cameron Craggs

I seek to make meaningful connections and develop constructive working relationships alongside like minded individuals. I work primarily in the creation of the moving image and in stills photography.

N18 has allowed me to develop new skills and links enabling me to make active short-term steps towards the long term goal of creating AR/VR content. For me it is an opportunity to further establish myself as a functioning practitioner whilst building upon my pre-existing portfolio of project work. The chance to connect to a wider network of creative practitioners has also opened up future doors.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Sophie Ashscroft

Twitter: @ms_s_ashcroft
Instagram: mssososophie

The N18 community of artists were supported by leading digital and cultural practitioners and technologists; Simon McKeown , Ed Carter, Jasmine Cox, Dimitar Ivanov, Si Canaway, Dan Hett, Sarah Unwin, and had the chance to create their own response to Great Exhibition of the North commissions.