Woon Gallery of Asian Art

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With support of the Woon Foundation, Northumbria University has established the Woon Gallery of Asian Art. The Gallery houses 47 items from the Woon Foundation’s Collection to support research and public exhibition in the North East of England.

Each item has been selected for its contribution not only to the understanding and application of craft and making but also the relationship of Buddhist Art to culture and religious belief, practice, and devotion, particularly the representation of the divine through physical form and materiality.

In selecting items from the Woon Foundation Collection, we have specifically chosen depictions of the Buddha from different cultures and periods in order to bring a fresh perspective on the interpretation of Asian and Buddhist Art. The collection will be used as an education and research resource and will support the City’s Cultural Strategy.

Part of Northumbria University’s ‘Inspired by’ programme

Venue: Gallery North, Northumbria University

Woon Gallery of Asian Art

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