The Spirit of the North

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Photographic celebration of historic sites that embody and inspire Northern spirit will feature in a new exhibition at Bessie Surtees House.

Historic England has commissioned a new photography project that celebrates Northerness – placing today’s great Northerners in the places that have inspired them and helped shape their identity. The photographs will be used to provide a lively and engaging story of the North, a story that could only happen here. They will be accompanied by a listing programme featuring sites that have been essential in capturing and passing on the spirit of the North from one generation to the next. The images will be available online and will feature in a new exhibition hosted at Bessie Surtees House, on the Newcastle Quayside.

Venue: Historic England, Bessie Surtees House

The Spirit of the North

Accessibility Information

Bessie Surtees House is a historic building split over multiple floors; the upper levels (including the rooms open to the public) are only accessible via a series of steps and staircases.