The Imaginary Museum of the North

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The Lit & Phil housed the first museum in Newcastle. Established 225 years ago, it was the place to send interesting artefacts (a wombat, a duck-billed platypus and an Egyptian mummy were amongst the first items). We’re celebrating this with our Imaginary Museum, full of curiosities.

The Imaginary Museum of the North includes gems from our collection, items on loan from Berwick Museum and Art Gallery, objects created by young people of The Newcastle Bridges School and miscellaneous objects donated to the museum.

There are also interesting objects surrounded by fantastic tales of how they were left behind by lecturers or presented to the Lit & Phil. These include the tiny shoes worn by Chinese girls whose feet had been bound, and the shrunken remains of newly-weds from Hexham.

The stories we are telling in The Museum may be true, but some might be pure imagination. You decide!

Venue: The Lit & Phil

The Imaginary Museum of the North

Accessibility Information

We have a wheelchair lift to gain access to the ground floor of the building. There is a stairlift to get from ground to first floor, but no wheelchair lift. Toilets are not fully accessible.