The Bradford Bubble Up!

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The Bradford Bubble Up – a tsunami of celebration of the power and inspiration of water! This spectacular, immersive event provides a thrilling climax to our ten week ‘Inspired By’ programme. The city centre will transform into multiple watery playgrounds of creative experience and everyone is invited to the party.

Born of Saxon river crossing the ‘Broad Ford’, Bradford’s wool washing waters gave rise to our ‘wool capital of the world’ 19th century claim to fame. Stir into the mix our secret underground rivers, the UK’s largest urban water feature and the tastiest Corporation Pop in the land and we are ready to burst our banks with excitement. The Bradford Bubble Up is a spectacular and entirely free finale to our ten week ‘Inspired By’ programme which will complement activities in Newcastle and Gateshead. Public art, exhibitions, theatre shows, dance, music, and fully immersive watery playgrounds will froth up in unexpected places across the city centre, releasing Bradford’s creative and irreverent spirit to flow free. Our highly immersive and participatory programme involves innovative collaborations from across our cultural sector, as well as new commissions from local and national artists. Activities will bubble up in empty buildings, nooks, crannies and public realm spaces and visitors will be invited right into heart of the party. ‘Phase Change’ is a mass choreographed event at the Mirror Pool in City Park, unleashing the dynamic energy of Bradford with a show stopping alchemical blend of science, art, love and magic. Infamous local arts regeneration mavericks The Brick Box will be aided and abetted in producing the Bradford Bubble Up by Artichoke, who have created some of the most celebrated outdoor art in recent times, including the Lumiere light festivals, The Sultan’s Elephant, Antony Gormley’s One & Other Fourth Plinth commission and Temple.

Venue: City Park

The Bradford Bubble Up!

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