Shattering Perceptions: The women of archaeology

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2018 marks the 100th anniversary of some women getting the vote. To celebrate this momentous year, a group of Masters students from Durham University’s Department of Archaeology, have curated an exhibition to explore the diverse achievements of women in archaeology.

This exhibition challenges perceptions about what archaeology involves and who does it. It will showcase the many different aspects of archaeology, as well as women who shape history through their exceptional work.

The exhibition features personal items owned by northeast-born archaeologist Gertrude Bell, as well as objects excavated from Jericho by the “Mistress of Stratigraphy,” Dame Kathleen Kenyon.

The exhibition further displays ground-breaking work and research from women in Durham University’s Department of Archaeology today.

‘Shattering Perceptions’ demonstrates that archaeology is not just about digging, but also includes critical work such as bone analysis, experimental archaeology, and community engagement.

Venue: Museum of Archaeology

Shattering Perceptions: The women of archaeology

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