North East Art Collective

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We display the work of 150+ artists from the North East. Our Gallery is located in Eldon Garden and comprises of 10 separate display rooms. The work we display meets every style and budget, we have originals paintings, prints, photography, glasswork, ceramics, pottery, Jewellery, and even metalwork.

Our Gallery represents everything that North East Artistic talent has to offer. We offer our customers a wide variety of artwork in every medium, we have original Acrylics, Oil, Pastels, Watercolours and Mixed Media. We have Giclee prints, Lithograph prints and photographic prints. As well as glass work, ceramic sculpture and pottery. All from a wide variety of artists, we have recognised names such as Kevin Day, Walter Holmes and Darren Mundy as well as up and coming names such as Jamie Birkett and Alfie Joey. From our broad range in artists we offer a wide range in styles from contemporary and abstract to illustrative and original 1900’s Photography

As all of our artists live in the North East there is no shortage of representation and passion each artist displays there individual talents and skill with there interpretation of local seance.

Venue: 45 Eldon Garden

North East Art Collective