ESAA Track & Field Schools Cup Final

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This is a major event in the athletic calendar. The Track & Field Cup Competition is one of the best of the ESAA calendar and Northumberland is proud to be hosting it this year at Gateshead on behalf of the ESAA.

The Track and Field schools’ Cup are competed for by junior Boys and Junior Girls (12 and under 14), intermediate Boys and Intermediate Girls (14 and under 16). each team is limited to 12 athletes in the girls competition and 14 athletes in the boys.. The athletes are restricted to two events, one field and one track, or one track and the relay, or one field and the relay. points are scored according to a points table so that the importance is placed upon the performance achieved rather than on the position placed.
The 12 finalists in each group include the winners of the 7 regional ‘A’ finals together with the 5 highest scoring teams from all regional finals.

We have approx. 800 schools entered this year with 2300 teams. Every county in England enters this competition as it is the major school team athletics competition in the country.

Venue: Gateshead International Stadium

ESAA Track & Field Schools Cup Final

Accessibility Information

No restrictions. lifts available at stadium