Café Scientifique – Obesity and Cancer: The Unspoken Link

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Join us for a public discussion about the links between obesity and cancer with one of the UK’s top academic experts. Find out about work going on in the region to reduce growing obesity trends and related research being conducted at our five NE universities.

Having too much body fat is associated with the development of a range of cancers, this has been known for some years along with the impact of obesity after a cancer diagnosis but often it isn’t spoken about.

Professor Annie Anderson, University of Dundee, will discuss the research on how weight management can influence cancer risk. Annie, a public health nutritionist and dietitian, is interested in the behavioural, social and cultural dimensions of nutrition and how lifestyle changes can reduce the risks of chronic diseases, in particular lifestyle related cancer. This event provides an exciting space for a public discussion in advance of the The Association for the Study of Obesity’s 5th UK Congress on Obesity (UKCO) in Newcastle which begins on 6 September 2018.

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Venue: Brunswick Centre

Café Scientifique – Obesity and Cancer: The Unspoken Link

Accessibility Information

The event wheelchair accessible and has an induction loop