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Over 30 regional and international artists have taken advantage of the North Pennines Observatory located in rural Allenheads to enjoy some of the best views in the country of stars, galaxies, meteor showers and the Milky Way.

Artist Sarah Sparkes and sound artist Ian Thompson present a chance to listen at night to the microcosms of pond life in the reservoir while watching the celestial life of the cosmos above, through the North Pennines Observatory telescope.

Join artists Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges in a live midnight experience where you will journey beyond the edges, surfaces and boundaries that contain us. Together you will be examining the faint traces and signals from over there that might lead us to new understandings of here.

Sparkes & Thompson’s sound and image installation merges cosmic events among the stars in the sky with microcosmic events among the lifeforms in the waters of ACA’s own reservoir.

Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges present installations based on the nocturnal experience of journeying beyond the edges, surfaces and boundaries that contain us.

Robert Good will present a live event of spoken and written words, extracted from sources as diverse as scientific technical papers to personal conversations with astro-enthusiasts, to explore the use of language that attempts to describe, explain and wonder at the act of stargazing.

Venue: Allenheads Contemporary Art Old School House