Art in Manufacturing Legacy Exhibition

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“There is art at play in Lancashire’s countless, largely invisible factories: hundreds of people embark each day on creative tasks, working with remarkable attention to detail to produce the beautiful, the delicious and the complex, from the most delicate to the most durable products on earth.”

In 2016, nine of these manufacturers opened their doors to nine artists, laying bare their industry secrets and specialist machinery, their materials, staff and heritage skills in an unprecedented collaboration. Working shoulder to shoulder with factory floor staff, unearthing dead poets and delving deep into the factory records, artisits produced surprising and politically charged works which explored the unheralded skills, processes and history of these factories.

Their responses to their residencies were as varied as the manufacturers they worked with: industrial workspaces were transfigured into celestial sculptures, the lives of employees were upholstered, Rudolph von Laban inspired choreography moved a team of bakers, a choral performance rang through the chambers of the Cathedral, and a waste-plastic floor installation invaded a city-centre shop.
The incredible outcomes of these residences were shown in Blackburn town centre’s most historic and contemporary venues as part of the 2017 National Festival of Making.

Venue: Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery

Art in Manufacturing Legacy Exhibition