Get North! Opening Event Road Closures

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The staging of the Get North! Opening Event and weekend activities will require road closures in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Newcastle Road Closures

Road closures will be enforced between approximately 06:00 on Friday 22nd June to 23:00 on Saturday 23rd June 2018. These times allow for event infrastructure to be installed and removed safely. The closures are extended to Saturday to allow families to enjoy the weekend Quayside activities without concerns about traffic.

The Newcastle closures will cover:

  1. Quayside Walkway – between Swing Bridge and Mariners Wharf;
  2. Watergate – between its junctions with Sandhill and Quayside;
  3. Quayside – between its junctions with Sandhill and B1600;
  4. Side – between its junctions with Dean Street and Quayside;
  5. Sandhill – between its junctions with close and Quayside;
  6. B1600 – between its junctions with City Road and Quayside;
  7. Swing Bridge – for its entire length.

In addition to the closures the following restrictions will need to be suspended:

  1. No Right Turn restriction from B1600 into Milk Market;
  2. No Left Turn restriction from Milk Market into B1600;
  3. No Entry (Except Buses) restriction from Dean Street into Side;
  4. No Entry restriction from Side into Queen Street;
  5. No Motor Vehicles (except for access and permit holders) restriction from Queen Street into Side.

Access to Akenside, Queen Street, King Street and Lombard Street will be available via Dean Street and Side. Access to and from The Close will be via Forth Banks.

In addition to the above the QuayLink Bus route will be suspended from 10:00 to approximately 23:59 on Friday 22nd June.

The weekly Sunday Quayside Market road closure will be in place as usual.

In most cases the design of the site will allow vehicle and pedestrian access to the front and rear of your premises. The main exception will be on the Quayside between the Guildhall and Crown Court where vehicle access to the front of premises will be restricted. We would request that businesses on this section of road try and avoid deliveries to the front but access on Friday and Saturday will be facilitated until 5pm.

On East Quayside full pedestrian and vehicle access will be possible except for those west of the Swirle where pedestrian access will be maintained but vehicle access will not be possible between 7pm and midnight on Friday 22nd June.

Gateshead Road Closures

The closures will be enforced from 18:00 to 23:59 on Friday 22nd June, except for closure 2 on South Shore Road which will be from 10:00 on Friday 22nd June to 23:59 on Saturday 23rd June.

  1. Bridge Street from Bottle Bank to Newcastle Swing Bridge.
  2. Swing Bridge, Hillgate and South Shore Road up to Baltic Quays apartments.

Access to the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead and Curzon Place will be signposted via Oakwellgate, Cannon Street and Church Street.

  1. St Mary’s Square.

For the finale pyrotechnic display (22:50 Friday), subject to weather conditions, there may be a need to close Hawks Road from Oakwellgate to Mill Road for a short period.

All the above roads will be marshalled and stewarded to alleviate inconvenience and minimise disruption wherever possible and to avoid endangering those people viewing the event.

The Swing Bridge, whilst closed to vehicular traffic will remain open to pedestrians prior to and after the opening event programme has ended. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge will be closed to pedestrians and cyclists between 19:00 and 23:00 on Friday 22nd June. However, users of the bridge should note the access restrictions to the Quayside Walk.

It is inevitable that some disruption may be caused when staging such prestigious events as the Great Exhibition of the North however, we think it’s worth it to showcase and promote the amazing redevelopment of the Quaysides. Access for Emergency vehicles to all areas will be maintained at all times.

We do hope that the event does not cause you too much inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Should you require any further information please email: