School visits – frequently asked questions

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Am I able to organise a school trip to the Great Exhibition of the North without booking through your system?

Booking is absolutely essential, booking a visit through our system ensures that the team and participating venues are aware you are visiting, a volunteer can be organised for you, we can reserve a lunch space and your journey will be scheduled for you.

I want to book a visit directly with BALTIC, Discovery Museum, Great North Museum, or Sage Gateshead during this time period, why can’t I see this option?

In order to encourage as many people as possible to explore the wider exhibition and to manage the public through their venues during this time, the Great Exhibition delivery partner venues are asking all schools visits to be booked through the Great Exhibition website.

I want to organise a visit to a venue in NewcastleGateshead that is not mentioned above during the time of the Great Exhibition of the North, how do I do this?

We would suggest checking their website, or getting in touch with them directly, to find out about their offer for schools and how to book.

How can I find out more information about what our day will look like?

Our full programme launch is on the 27th February, so please check for details on all the wonderful Northern content that will be featured.

We will be contacting you at this email by the 20th April at the latest to provide an itinerary including where you will visit, what you will experience, where you will eat your lunch, where you can get picked up and dropped off, hazard recommendation sheet (all the important bits!). Your visit will be supported by a Great Exhibition of the North volunteer, who will support your journey throughout.

Due to the volume of school visits that will happen during this time, it is not possible to give you this information ahead of this date

How many adults should we bring?

The number of adults for a group depends on the group. For Early Years groups, we recommend an adult:child ratio of around 1:4. At KS1 and KS2 we would recommend 1:6. For KS3 upwards, we would recommend a 1:15 staffing level. Your knowledge of your own pupils will obviously help to inform the levels of staffing required.

Please note that whatever the age of the school party, you are responsible for the behaviour of the group at all times.

Can we store our coats and bags anywhere?

No – as this will be a walking trail through the Exhibition and it’s venues, we will be expecting you and your children to carry whatever you bring throughout the day – so travel light!

Where can we eat our lunch?

A lunch space will be allocated to you and planned within your day, it will depend on which trail you visit as to where and when this will be. We are making most efficient use of your time at the Exhibition, so it is likely this will be 30 minutes maximum.

Where will the toilets be?

You will be notified ahead of your visit with all available toilets in the venues you are visiting.

I need to reschedule or cancel the time of arrival, date, or trail I have booked, how do I do this?

If you need to reschedule or cancel your visit, you will need to cancel your original booking through Eventbrite as soon as possible and book a new timeslot.

We cannot be held responsible if you cancel your booking without checking the availability of the trail, date or time you would like to book.

The slots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.