Adapt to Survive in 2020

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In an ever-changing world, the only truly sustainable advantage is the ability to innovate

With the impact of Covid-19 predicted to ripple through the World for months to come, those that prepare and take action now to mitigate for the worst effects and, where possible, pivot to align with the new economic conditions and demands emerging, will stand the best chance of surviving.

If you’re a business owner, begin your risk mitigation journey here with our ‘Adapt to Survive’ briefing.

Join us for this essential session where we’ll draw from McKinsey, the World Health Organization and others to share information about the emerging business landscape we find ourselves in, as well as measures that you can immediately put into place after the call to better position your organisation. The focus will be on the next 90-days; financial measures you must take and the considerations to give to pivoting your offerings quickly.

By joining the briefing you will also learn about a fully funded Innovation Boot Camp delivered over three sessions on three consecutive weeks for North East business owners that are exploring or ready to implement new products or services.

The presenters for this briefing are Laura and Damian Cook. Between them they have over 40 years of business turnaround and resilience experience. Both are already working separately and together today with a number of affected businesses and will share the action plans underway.

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