Adapt to survive – innovation success factors

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In 2020, businesses have had to adapt and innovate more than ever before – either adapting an existing offering to suit the changing demands of customers, using unexpected down times to develop long planned product ideas, or spotting new opportunities for the business.

This webinar talks through some of the main success factors that can lead to innovation success.

Led by innovation experts from GX Project and Innvoation Super Network it talks through how you can analyse your product and its got to market plan to ensure the most effective launch, and if you’re working with a team to launch the product, how you can share your vision and get the best out of those around you to ensure the innovation’s success.

You’ll also be given further information about how to register to join two fully funded innovation programmes that the GX Project is running in November:
– The Innovation Bootcamp – Focus on your Product (6 hours)
– Leading Innovation – Focus on your Team (6 hours

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