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Our exhibitors from across the North have a range of games ready for you to play!

Ant Workshop
2-15 July

Dead End Job merges the frantic, addictive, highly re-playable gameplay of a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter with the iconic look of a 90s cartoon.
Have you got what it takes to be the best at putting pests to rest?


2-15 July

Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse is the latest episode from Revolution’s Broken Sword adventure game series. Playing as George Stobbart and Nico Collard, you must follow clues, and employ logic, to try and solve the secret of a missing painting and the Serpent’s Curse to save mankind from disaster.


Ubisoft Reflections
2-15 July

Come along and play some of Ubisoft’s well-known games including Ode, Grow Up and Just Dance with a Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, a dedicated mode of the game that lets visitors free roam Egypt to learn about its history and daily life. A world free of conflict, time pressure or gameplay constraints, where combat, storyline, and quests are not active so everyone, from players to history-enthusiasts and non-gamer can discover Ancient Egypt. There will also be the opportunity to play Far Cry and Tom Clancy’s The Division for over 18’s only.


Cumbria University
2-15 July

Showcasing 3D simulated environment, modelling turntables / animation a pixel art-based game and platform games – come and see what students of Cumbria University have been producing.


Sekrit Games
2-5 July

TYRED is a multiplayer party game where the players take the ‘roll’ of tyres and must compete against friends in a series of minigames.
“Scream in shock and excitement at the sight of homicidal, pugnacious tyres battling it out in this hilarious party game. You’ll never get TYRED of it.”


Prey Interactive
2-4 July / 9-14 July

Prey Interactive will be bringing Stunt Driver to the expo. Being a stunt driver is one of the most exciting jobs EVER! Grab the wheel and take on a wide variety of exciting movie scenes, full of explosions, crazy jumps and brazen stunts! Become a part of Hollywood from Aliens to Bond!


2 / 7 / 8 July

chipfreq is a Newcastle record shop specialising in video game music on vinyl. Stocking almost 100 different soundtracks for Zelda, Sonic, Minecraft, Halo, Uncharted, Journey, Undertale and many more from labels such as iam8bit, Data Discs, Black Screen Records, G4F Records, Ghost Ramp, Minimum Records, Mondo and Sumthing Else Music Works.


High Tea Frog
14-15 July

Be one of the first to see a brand-new title from the Newcastle based indie company! Bring some friends along and let the developers know what you think.


6-8 July

Coatsink will bring along two exciting games, PHOGS! And They Suspect Nothing.

Taking inspiration from games such as Mario 3D World, Noby Noby Boy, and Hohokum along with popular cartoon series Adventure Time and CatDog – PHOGS! is a stylised adventure physics puzzler set in a vivid and colourful world. In PHOGS! you play as a duo of dogs, connected via an elastic, gelatinous mid-section, on an adventure where you combine your imagination with the unique characteristics of your PHOG to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in unusual and adorable ways.

They Suspect Nothing is a comedy mini game about robots and deception. As the last human on earth, you must infiltrate a robot-only society by completing a series of bizarre human detection tests. Assuage suspicion with machine-like efficiency as you conduct open part surgery, pilot a drone, manage rush hour in an explosives plant, instigate Armageddon in a cataclysm simulator, plus eight other irreverent and humorous experiences.

Meanwhile, your progress will be tracked by Axel, Nerezza and the Operator, the three instructors charged with tending each department and deciding your fate. Relax…they suspect nothing.


Silhouette Wolf
6-8 July

The Mimic is a unique platform puzzle solver, where you take control of the Engineer whose every move is shadowed by the Mimic. As you move, so does the Mimic. There is a connection between the two of you, if you get your Mimic killed or get too close, you die.


Cardboard Sword
6-7 July

The Siege and the Sandfox is a 2D Stealthvania an infusion of stealth into the familiar Metroidvania experience.
Beneath a mighty palace you find yourself in the realms of condemned men, corrupt guards, and creatures of a darker origin. Parkour and stealth your way to discover the true threat of the siege, and save the kingdom above from the evil below.


Radiation Burn

Space Time is an arcade and physics based space action, with multiplayer battles vs or co-op.


Cherry Pop Games 

Football Nation bringing football to life. NEW 2018 Tournaments inspired by the World Cup. For the first time ever, you can physically feel the rush of playing in Football’s biggest VR tournament as the vast stadium surrounds you the virtual grass underfoot, the crowd cheering, the excitement and the undeniable patriotism for your country – a childhood dream come true.

1Up North is going to be brilliant! If you would like to attend any of the event, you will need to have booked a free ticket in advance – there are tickets available for the free play area, wandering around the exhibitors’ stands, attending a workshop or taking part in the Get North World Cup Challenge.

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