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Andrea is a Deputy Director at the Cabinet Office and a member of the Civil Service Group’s Senior Leadership Team where she has worked on over 40 policy projects for the Prime Minister and other government departments. She is responsible for bringing new thinking to policy-making, driving innovation across HM Government through the Policy Lab, Open Innovation Team and SKYrooms network of innovation spaces.

A trained designer, Andrea holds a first class honours in industrial design, PhD in Virtual Reality and Executive Masters in Public Policy from the London School of Economics. Andrea was an early proponent of service design and has been a champion for public involvement in designing better public services. Her multi-award winning work has received significant acclaim in the UK and overseas, demonstrating practical ways to improve people’s lives using design principles and practice.

After working in consultancy and academia as a senior lecturer in Industrial Design and Transportation Design, Andrea joined the Design Council in 2002 to lead their research and knowledge teams. In 2006 she became the Design Council’s first Chief Design Officer, a member of the strategic board of directors and a figurehead for national public sector challenges.

Following this Andrea led a citizen-centred regional design programme culminating in the Intersections 2011 conference, before being appointed by the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council as the UK’s first Chief Designer in Local Government. Andrea has also been a consultant for the Technology Strategy Board, Unilever and Channel Four.

During this time she led digital communications for Innovate UK and a major exhibition on the 4th Industrial Revolution at the Design Museum called ‘The Future is Here’. As an international expert on design and innovation she has been invited to give over 100 keynotes across five continents, sitting on a range of international boards and publishing widely.

In 2011 she was appointed to be a member of the European Commission’s Design Leadership Board and has been a contributor to a number of books on design including: Design for Policy, Design Transitions, Restarting Britain and Design for Growth and Prosperity. Andrea is an international judge of design prizes and board member for a number of high profile research initiatives including FUSE North East with the Rt Hon Ed Vaizey MP.

Andrea is also a Policy Fellow at Cambridge University and is currently providing leadership training on Design Thinking for a range of global leaders in partnership with Ashridge Executive Education, Oxford SAID business school and the London School of Economics. In 2015 she became the 10th female in its history to be awarded the prestigious Royal Society of Arts Bicentenary Medal and in 2016 she was awarded an honorary doctorate in Civil Law from Northumbria University in ‘recognition of her status as one of the UK’s foremost design thinkers’. Andrea is an active fundraiser for charity including trekking the Sahara in 2015, Everest base camp in 2016 and running the London Marathon in 2018.